Is God Really Cruel

I want to give my thoughts on the common wonders that have started to become very popular in this modern time. Why is the world so cruel? If there is a God why is he so cruel?

I recently wrote something with regards to the world and it’s cruelty on my WhatsApp status. Quote, ”Look for more reasons to HATE the world you will find them. Look for more reasons to LOVE the world you will find them. THE WORLD ISN’T EITHER CRUEL OR BEAUTIFUL , IT’S JUST HAPPENING. Just like the river water it does’t know whether it’s cold/warm, dirty/clean it’s you who concludes that. Fish live there, other animals drink it, plants grow around it. But also the river serves as a hunting spot for other animals so for others they loose their lives there but the river is just a river. Life is just life. You can either smile/cry, it doesn’t change what the world already is.” These were just my thoughts about the world. I usually spend a lot arguing with myself but here I have’t change my stance at all. I believe the world is all about the energy, some call it vibrational frequency or simply you perspective on the world. The world has been cruel for billions of years before you were born and will still be so even after you die. Clearly you don’t have no control in that but you do have control or freedom to choose the reality you focus on negatives or positives its up to you.

You might be think Sam you are right, but why God would create such a world? Honestly I don’t know. And I think that is one thing everyone needs to admit. No one know why God created the world and allowed it to become so cruel. Some will go so far as saying God created evil and allowed it to exist. That where you will get things like, ”If there is really a God how can he allow a 11 year old girl to be raped and killed by 5 guys”,…”How can he allow the an Earthquake to cruelly kill thousands of people and leave other children without families?“….”How can he let a praying woman to suffer so much with cancer and to die living he children behind?”… These are just a few examples and I’m sure there are a thousand more that you can come up with which are 100% true. Like I have said in the previous paragraph, its us who conclude that these things are sad and cruel based on our own standards.

The mistake we make is to judge a God based on the terms or standards of us mere humans. For example you can’t judge an animal based on human standards because that just dumb. Imagine seeing a roster chase a hen and sleeps with it and you start going all emotional saying it raped then hen. Imagine going to court to open a case that people eat animals should stop, a lot of people will think you have completely lost it. Whats wrong to us may be no so for animals and also what is okay with us may not be so for animals in their perspective. Then why are things taken so lightly or the standards of cruelty different when we refer to a lesser being(animal). It’s based on the idea we have of ourselves. We simply see our selves as superior and we are, even though that does sound very self centred but that’s reality. I believe the best way to understand the world is to firstly understand ourselves. If we can’t accept our selves for what we are, we can never accept the the world for what it is.

Whether you believe God exists or not, I think we can both agree on that for a being to be considered as such he would have to be superior to us humans with both intellect and power. So how can we judge such a being with human standards. Like I said earlier we don’t why do universe was created in the first place, whether it was from Gods boredom or there is a purpose as religious people like to argue. But there is one thing that I am certain about, WE ARE NOT GODs so we can fully comprehend everything to the fullest to the level of a God. Just like animals can or can’t understand our language to the fullest not to mension to speak it, how can we expect us to fully understand the language God speaks. Why he does what he does good or bad according to our standards.

I think we need to look within ourselves to understand. Our standard are based on wether something makes us happy or not. Whether its something that almost everyone considers good or bad, majority rules. Just like in the past man have ill-treated women a lot, white people have ill-treated black people a lot some people never saw anything wrong with that because those were normal standards. We treat animals like they don’t have a life of their own, that chicken you just at it probably is a mother to some chicklin. That beef you at a cow life had to be taken. So what standards are we judging God’s cruelty based on because ours are still questinable a lot.

Three things to take from this: 1. we aren’t qualified to judge a God we are too imperfect. 2. None of us know why God created the world so to judge would be hard while we don’t fully know his end goal. 3. The world will never be any less cruel enjoy your time here and fulfil your purpose so you can rest in peace on your death bed.

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