Under The Fruit Tree

-With Sam

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About Under The Fruit Tree blog

Almost everyone finds themselves in a certain where they wonder: Who am I? What am I doing here? How am I supposed to act? etc… Everyone who at least has spent sometime with themselves has found themselves asking these questions. Under The Fruit Tree represents these thought for me. As I continuously put myself in a state where I question my beliefs, ethics and my complete views about the world so equally so as other peoples.

“What if I am wrong?” is a question that suddenly came to my mind just like when the apple fell on Newtoons and he discovered gravity. What I have discover? You might wonder. The idea that I could be wrong introduces a thousands of new possibilities that didn’t exist before. That is my gravity, I am down to earth I try to see the world for what its truly is rather than what I would like to believe it is, lol. It’s kinda unbelievable is there anyone is capable of that? I don’t think so, including me. Views shape your reality, one might think life is pointless and the world will contiuniuly prove them right. One might think life is beuatiful and the world will prove them right. Remember non of these two are excused from experiencing both reality but if one see only bad they will never be any good that is enough to change his mind.

Lol, I kinder became lost in the moment there in the previous paragraph that should give you exactly what to expect from this blog. So please always visit and under the fruit tree blog can be a place who your thoughts are provoked as well. I enjoy being challenged even contradicting myself because that just proves I am thinking and there is nothing I enjoy more than finding myself in that state.